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Alan Tay Interview – Founder of


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Best Business Purchase?

My best purchase so far is Genesis Framework of Studiopress. I started most of my blogging stuff from free and I invest based on the earnings I got.

Best Advice I Got?

“The best traffic source is organic traffic”. That is what most people talk about when they started a topic about traffic.

Biggest Inspiration?

Two person who inspired me the most, Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak. I don’t buy their products but I follow their blog on how they turn blogging into a money making business.

Favourite Business Website?

Not too sure about what business website you mean but in my early blogging days, I spent a lot of time reading and to learn how to blog to success.

Hours Spent Blogging?

I spent 2-3 hours a day and 5-6 hours on Sunday. Saturday is off day for me.

Top 3 Traffic Sources?

My top traffic is Google. I cannot imagine how my blog’s traffic will look like if one day Google is down. My second and third top traffic source is either facebook/twitter.


How I Got Into Blogging

I am a regular software engineer working in a security firm. I stumbled into blogging when one day my friends talk to me about Google Adsense. I start a blog with Blogger where I begin talking about myself and only myself. I put adsense code up there and I got 0 income for almost 2 months. I then go into Google and start looking for some Adsense tips and stumbled into Darren Rowse’s Google Adsense series. I begin to change the way I blog from there by starting a niche, getting a domain, web hosting and some proper schedule for my blogging time. As I begin to generate 100 visitors a day, i begin to have some adsense earnings. For me to start generating a consistent 100 visitors a day, it took me 2 months and that is the time I begin to make some money from blogging. First 3 months of blogging is tough where I spent extra time to design the site, learn how to SEO, learn how to write Content, and learn how to optimize Adsense. I didn’t really spend 2 – 3 hours a day at that time. I spent more than 4 hours a day to learn all these things.

When I Realised I Had “Made It”

I haven’t really made it yet. I remember Darren Rowse once slapped a 15k Adsense cheque and I’m going to make that my target. So, there isn’t any successful story from me for now

What I Have Accomplished So Far

I’m generating more than 10k visitors a month now. I had quite a good relationship with several affiliate managers. I begin to understand how business works and find it something totally different from my world of coding and debugging. It is interesting and I do not regret until today in starting a blogging business.

I’m getting close to go under 100k in Alexa Rank and being one of the sub categories for Technorati top 100 blogs.  These are all my smaller objectives towards my ultimate goal. The only disappointment is my Google PR seems to be extremely poor.

What Made Me Successful So Quickly

Well, I am not successful yet but what made me today is my persistent in believing that Google is the best source for traffic. I put efforts to learn up SEO, researching keywords and how to rank well. SEO is very important and it is even more important to keep up to date with the latest SEO trend. My advice is don’t try to learn SEO from a site who teaches SEO two years ago and not updating today.

My site is also getting better with me replying to all my comments so that my readers who drop comments will not think that it is just another place to build links. I want them to know that I care for their opinion. It is also important to understand your reader so that one day, you can write a content that they are actually looking for.

I Wish I Had Known This Earlier

My first ever mistake is to start my site on Blogger. It is a little messy to migrate over to WordPress especially when you have 30 posts and above. Although there are plugins to make it work, but it does not work as perfect as you think.

I also made a mistake in choosing a bad domain name. Until today, I still hope that I can change my domain but it doesn’t seem possible now. I will have to live with this domain until the day my blog ended.

My last mistake was trying too hard to promote an affiliate product. I come to realize when I read on other people’s blog where they had done as well the same mistake as mine. I would never buy product from them and so I come to the conclusion where people will not buy anything from me. I change my direction and begin to write about the good and bad. I also learn that my intention is supposed to help, not sell.

If I Were A Newbie

  1. I will spend more time on keyword research. I will select a smaller niche instead of a bigger one.
  2. I will choose a meaningful domain name and get a reliable hosting.
  3. I will not use free theme and will invest into good WordPress framework such as Genesis and Thesis.

A Typical Day In My Life

I spent most of my time working as a software engineer. My blogging life is after working hours where I usually blog at night. I don’t post every day because I believe I need to spend my time on other thing as well apart from posting. These are what I will do in a week.

Monday night: Write blog post

Tuesday night: Write article for article directories/guest blog

Wednesday night: Write blog post

Thursday night: Write article for article directories/guest blog

Friday night: Write blog post.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Write a product review / craft a newsletter.

Sometimes, when I have guest posts from other guest bloggers, I will sneak those times to rest more instead of writing a post.