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Andrew Rondeau Interview – How Finding A Mentor Helped the Founder of Build A Better Blog Faster


Best Business Purchase?

My whiteboard. I list everything I need to do on it and it focuses me to take action.

Best Advice I Got?

No matter how demanding, grumpy, indecisive your customers are…treat them as if they are your only one.

Biggest Inspiration?

Not a blogger or internet entrepreneur. It’s someone called Lou Tice – he doesn’t know it but 15 years ago he changed my life with his teachings.

Favourite Business Website?

Alltop! Because that gives me quick access to loads of other sites!

Hours Spent Blogging?

Depends upon how you define blogging. Just blogging? i.e. publishing posts – 3 hours a week. If you are talking about running my complete on-line business including all the client work I get, then it’s 50 – 70 hours a week.

Top 3 Traffic Sources?

Google, Twitter, Facebook.

How I Got Into Blogging

In the first 30 years of my career I worked for large corporate companies. I made it to senior management level earning an excellent salary along with company car, pension, healthcare, bonuses, and shares. I was earning a lot of money. My job enabled me to work around the world and on large scale projects…and I loved it.

But every few months the companies were downsizing and I survived numerous ‘layoffs’. But I knew I wasn’t indispensable. I knew my time would come…so I started my own plan ‘B’. So when the company said ‘bye-bye’ to me…I had something lined up.

I turned to the internet and was shocked how easy it was to make money on-line. Well that’s what the different products being sold told me. You know the sort of thing, “Do this and make $10k a month within weeks”. I believed them…unfortunately.

I imagined sitting on the beach with a cold beer within weeks.

At this stage I knew nothing about the internet…well very little.

I got myself a mentor – I wanted to progress fast. I wanted the beach life style.

I built a website, I created a free e-guide, I built up my list and produced my first product to sell. All within a few months. The beach was calling me.

Of course…I was nowhere near living the beach lifestyle. I realised this was a long term thing and I was happy to keep working until it paid off.

I invested a lot of money learning. I always paid for a mentor. I always purchased the best courses by the likes of Jeff Johnson, John Carlton and John Reese.

After 3 years of working full-time for the corporate world and part-time on building my own on-line business, I was in the position to leave. I was selling numerous products and I had a huge amount of knowledge as I had learnt and built everything myself.

When I Realised I Had “Made It”

My products were bringing in some passive income…not much…but they were selling. Then I got my first one-to-one client who was willing to pay me for my knowledge and services. That told me I could do it. Hence I made the leap from corporate world to running my own on-line business…full-time.

What I Have Accomplished So Far

My site is 2.5 years old. 552 website posts, 11k+ comments, 120k backlinks, Google page/spot one for my targeted keywords,  51K Twitter followers, 89 personal clients, 4 products, 1 ‘build your own on-line business’ membership site, 1 WordPress plugin.

What Made Me Successful So Quickly

Paying for and having a mentor. That’s the quickest way to be successful. Find a mentor who has a reputation for being excellent and ‘suck them dry’ of all their info and knowledge. When you have done that find a better mentor and do the same thing. I’ve had 5 different mentors so far!

And outsource. To run a successful online business you have to have so many skills and you cannot possibly be good at all of them. So if you struggle with the technical side…outsource it. If you struggle with writing…outsource it.

I’d rather pay an expert than struggle for hours and hours trying to do something myself. I could use my own strengths to do something worthwhile during those wasted hours.

I Wish I Had Known This Earlier

Stick to what you know. I started building blogs in areas that I knew nothing about…just because I thought they would make me money. Creating website posts each week was hard work – I hated it. And they made me no money!

I always tell my clients, “You need to be able to have enough knowledge to website about your chosen subject 3 times a week for the next 2 years”

If I Were A Newbie…

I would get a mentor (I know I keep repeating myself but it is the quickest way to succeed).

I would invest in myself (like buy my ‘build an on-line business course’ – can I say that?)

I would pick one subject matter that I love, that I know a huge amount about and could blog about it for years!

A Typical Day In My Life

I get up at 6am every day.

  • Monday to Friday I go to the gym and am home by 8am.
  • Saturday and Sunday – I check emails and do some work….normally until 9am.

Back to Monday – Friday.

  •  Check emails, Twitter, Facebook. Respond to clients.
  • Then it depends upon how much client work I have to do. The rest of the day is made up of client work, marketing, blogging, creating products.
  • I have breakfast, lunch and dinner with my wife every day.
  • In the evenings, it could be some TV or my wife and I go to our dancing lessons or meeting friends or simply read a book.

Andrew is a full-time Internet Marketing Specialist and blogger from the UK. At his website he shares all his knowledge and experience on how to make a website.

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