Build Your Blog By Helping Others - How To

15 Ways To Build Your Blog By Helping Others

There are lots of ways to make your website grow; but as far as I know there is none that doesn’t involve helping others. It’s simply about “giving something to receive.” I hope this helps.

Retweet Posts written By Others

When you come across a really good post, just take a minute to Retweet that post. Apart from the fact that you have one more quality tweet, the writer of the post might come across your tweet (especially if he hasn’t grown too big, yet) and repay you with one.

Tip: Use relevant hash tags like #Blogging

Leave Comments on Other Blogs

When you drop comments on other blogs you are helping the owner of the website. He could return the favour by leaving a comment on your website; and you could get a few visits from the readers of that website also. And don’t forget that it also sends a link back to your website (these “tiny” links add up).

“Share”, “Recommend”, and “Like” Their Posts (Facebook of Course)

Just like you did with Twitter you can simply click the “Like” button or you could leave a Facebook comment. The good thing about this is that it is super-easy – you don’t have to leave the website at all. With the Facebook Comments plugin, your friends on Facebook will also be able to see your comments.

Use Social Bookmarking Sites

When you Digg, Stumble, or share a post on Reddit and Delicious you can get some visits based on the level of power you wield. As you post more often on these sites others will notice you and visit your website.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a really potent way of helping website owners; with guest posts like yours they wouldn’t need to get all thinking about what to write next. When your guest post gets published you are facing a totally new and usually larger audience. Ideally you should get some of these people visit your website. As a plus, you have a couple of links back to your website.

Post on Forums

There are lots of forums out there where you can be of help to others. My favourite would be Warrior Forum, and I am allowed to include a signature after each of my posts. The point here is, offer good advice, start good trends and you could be in for a real treat.

Tip: The visits I get from Warrior Forum are one of the best (they stay on to read my posts).

Send Trackbacks to Other Blogs

Trackbacks are (outbound) links to posts other people have written. When you come across a post which resonates with you and with the message on your website you can link to it in one of your articles. It really helps to build long term friendships as such a person would feel indebted to you one way or the other.

Interview Other Bloggers

I have conducted a few interviews and I know it helps. Your interviewee would see it as a duty to recommend the post to others and he would also respond to comments. The big thing here is that he would also like to share the interview with his audience so you can also have traffic coming from his website. And, well–conducted interviews are usually value-laden; search engine would love it.

Feature Them in A Top List

It’s really a nice thing to get featured on a top list on another website. Even the very big guys love it when they are featured. So by drawing up a list of bloggers let’s say “30 Bloggers To Watch In 2012”, and you go on to list some obvious names and some upcoming ones also you could get them to link to that post. Try it.

Review Their Products

Reviewing someone else’s product not only puts you on the person’s radar but it can also make you some quid. Reviewing products are one of the best ways to make money as an affiliate. You would be helping your readers make a choice; you can also tell them about the alternatives available so that if they don’t buy what you recommend they can buy an alternative (following your affiliate link). You win either way.

Buy Their Products

Other than helping other marketers by referring their products to your readers, you can also choose to buy one for yourself (if you are not given a free copy as an affiliate) to improve your website. You can’t live on your knowledge alone, so buy.

Compete With Them

We can all get to a stage where we begin to feel we’ve arrived, it’s “natural”. If you come across someone like that (it could even be me), you could throw the person a challenge. The challenge could be to see who gets more subscribers in the next 30 Days or to see who get more comments on his website. You would be doing yourself some real good if you get on with this challenge faithfully.

Become a Partner (JV – wise)

A lot of bloggers are open to Joint Venture (JV) partnerships with other bloggers if the other blogger has proved himself enough. The partnership could involve producing a video; you would probably be the less popular so you get less camera time. But the truth is, if the partnership succeeds, you succeed.

Become an Affiliate

This one is obvious enough – if you have people visiting your website or you have people in your opt-in list, you can make money as an affiliate. You already have the foundation of a good readership; you just have to build on it. You can have a Resource page or a category on your website for affiliate product reviews. Just do more than just including links in your posts.

Subscribe To Their Lists

While not everyone would want to do this, I believe it’s very important. If you don’t want your primary mail box to be filled with too much information, why not create a secondary one where you can keep tabs of things going on in the blogging world. This can teach you about new products to promote or you could get winning email headlines.

Now, It’s Your Turn To Help Others (Me!)

Is there any tip here that got your attention? Why don’t you start off by helping me. Maybe it’s a Tweet, a Facebook Comment, a post Comment or anything…Just don’t leave without doing one, AT LEAST ONE of what I have mentioned here.

Have A Blessed Day!

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