Dirk De Bruin Interview - Founder of Upgrade Reality is a Successful Blogger

Interview with Dirk De Bruin – Founder of Upgrade Reality Tells Us the Reality about Building A Successful Online Business

I have a friend, Dirk de Bruin of Upgrade Reality for us today. Dirk is quite young but with a lot of experience not only online but also in the “real world”.  He helped run his Dad’s giant supermarket for 2 years and also got into affiliate marketing where he made his first $1000. His profile is one you should definitely take seriously, I want the very best here on Income Scene and here is one of them.

Quick Facts about Dirk de Bruin

My Best Investment?

Aweber for sure. Being able to build email lists in various niches with automated delivery of products and followup messages is the best thing you can do for your online business.

How Many Hours Do I Spend Blogging Weekly?

3-6 hours

My Top 3 Traffic Sources

Google, Stumbleupon, Twitter

How Long Did It Take Me To Make $1000?

First $1000 online was through affiliate marketing and took about 8 months.

My Most Memorable Blogging Moment

When I started my website I wrote an article that got me 19k views in 2 days, that was impressive:)

The Best Blogging Advice I Got

Blogging is a waste of time if you want to make money online.

Favourite Quote

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

In The Beginning – Before I Started Making Money Online

I managed a big supermarket with my dad for 2 years. It was hard work, 7 days a week and 365 days per year but it was also very profitable and a huge learning experience.

Everything was Business As Usual Until This Happened

After we sold the supermarket, I spent about 2 years doing various other things and I stumbled across internet marketing one day. It caught my attention and from there I just wanted to make it my goal to make a living from the internet, and have been busy with that ever since.

I Didn’t Stay On The Spot… I Kept Right On Going

I had various small successes with affiliate marketing. I kept seeing results as I worked harder, and managed to make a few thousand dollars in my first year online. However, after that point it kind of stagnated, and I got tired of working hard for little progress.

I just kept on reading and have changed my strategy to creating my own products and building my email list to sell to.

What Have I Accomplished So Far?

In my life? I graduated high school a year earlier than my friends by finishing the last 2 years in 1 year. Then I ran a giant supermarket with my dad for over 2 years. I travelled for a bit and then got into online marketing where I’m still building my empire as of today.

But I Am Not Done Yet, I Have Some Other Things I am Working

Blogging as a way of making money is hard. But I enjoy blogging and I’m planning to keep doing it on the side. If I carry on the way I’m going, I’ll have a nice audience of 10000+ readers in another 2 years or so, and from that point the website will start to be profitable.

In life, I’m working with affiliate sites, email lists and my own products in order to build a steady monthly income. Once I reach that, my plan is to travel while working on my online business and enjoy what the world has to offer.

If I Am to Start All over Again, I will Do These Three Things FIRST

  1. Build an email list from Day One
    2. Choose a profitable niche like dating, health or finance
    3. Not be scared to spend money to make money

Where Can You Find Out More About Me?

Diggy is taking personal development to the next level, so sign up to his website and follow his journey together with his 3200+ loyal subscribers. You can also like his Facebook page.


If you have questions or recommendations please leave a comment, it could be a Facebook comment I don’t mind but be sure to tell us how you feel about this post. Here’s Dirk De Bruin.


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