Generate Your Winning Post Ideas and Plan Your Blog's Growth

13 Ways To Generate Your Winning Post Ideas and Plan Your Blog’s Growth

Have you ever wondered sometimes why it seems like the best blogs out there don’t belong to the best writers and why the really brilliant guys struggle day after day to really get there blogs going. Times without number it’s the planning that counts; people don’t just stumble on success, they work it out through long periods of planning, calculating, networking, strategizing and lots of other stuff. All you have to just do is sit down and think and I’m sure you can do that anywhere. So these 13 ideas should hopefully help you get started.

1. The Idea doesn’t have To Be Yours

People generally believe that the best bloggers and business owners out there are really good at generating ideas. The truth is they usually aren’t. A lot of times they come across an idea, tizzy it up and use it or simply, they reinvent the wheel. A lot of the success Sam Walton got at Walmart was down to nosing around other retail outlets and discovering new things he could use for his own stores.

2. Daydream

Stop reading this post right now, sit back, close your eyes and see what you would like your website to look like in 5 years’ time, 3 years’ time, in 1 year and in the next 6 months. Usually when you do this once in a while you energize yourself to follow up on your goals. It gives you a rough idea of how much work you should be doing; you would know if you’re going ahead too slow.

3. Start with What You Know

As it stands you can’t possibly say you are coming out with an idea nobody, absolutely no one has ever thought about before. Most of what we do comes from what we know. Develop plans based on what you know already and you can build from there. If you’ve not started anything because you don’t want to fail, I don’t need to tell you you’re failing already.

4. Ask Your Family

Sometimes family seems to be the last thing to think of when you are making plans; you feel they wouldn’t encourage you enough or that if the business flunks they’ll be the first set of people to say, “I warned you, didn’t I?” While this could be the case in some instances, they could also lend you great support, emotionally and financially too. You can never say.

5. Don’t Go For a Niche You “Like”

Starting a website just because you like the niche or because it sounds cool isn’t the best of ideas. You should be sure that you can run off residual steam for months to come. I once heard that the quickest way to ruin a hobby is to make it your life.  Sometimes the cool thing about some niches is to read them on other blogs; when you have to do the writing yourself week in week out it sure wouldn’t sound so fun.

6. Check Your Diary

Maybe there have been periods where you had time to yourself and you were able to jot down some goals or the sort, these could prove to be really helpful when you run dry on what to write or when you start wondering about the next geeky stuff to do with your website. I have done a lot of diary keeping in the past so I know this helps.

7. Don’t Go For ‘Fad’ Businesses

Did the trend just spring up from nowhere in particular? If yes, you need to be doubly sure that moving with the train would be a decision that wouldn’t come back to haunt you. Most times, if you see a train moving chances are it has left the station already.  If you are however bent on joining the train, offer something different.

8. Go Offline

With internet connection becoming a commonplace, you now have the ability to sit in front of your computer for hours doing nothing in particular. Try switching off your phones, laptops, iPods, i-Whatever and spend time with yourself, alone. These precious moments offer real value; just try it.

9. Look for Periods of Change

Periods of change come every now and then, it could be the advent of Facebook or the arrival of Google+, just note it when you smell a period of change and steady yourself for it. It’s during these pockets of time that some people make serious killings. It’s not the time you make your first figures that you actually made it; it’s the time you made the decision that put you on that road.

10. Walk Your Dog

Fresh air and a change of environment helps you think better so those early mornings or evenings don’t forget to go for a walk in the park with your dog. I don’t have any dogs so I always have to take my walk alone.

11. Spend Some Time in the Shower

Everyday seems to be a kind of hurried race so it might be a good thing if you could spend some time in the bath and let you mind explore different opportunities that you could take. Again, a change of “pace” helps you think better.

12. Look For Competition, It’s Your Friend

People often look for niches and markets with no competition but in most cases we grow better by competing with others. So the next time you have a choice to make between competing and taking to your heels stand your ground, there are lots of things you will gain.

13. Don’t Look For Gaps in the Market

There’s a reason why no one seems to have thought up that ‘new’ idea of yours. Sometimes there could be a gap in the market but the question is, Is there a market in the gap?

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