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Hesham Zebida Interview – Founder of FamousBloggers.net Opens Up On How Focus Can Help Internet Entrepreneurs



Best Business Purchase?

I have many products to admire, but probably Thesis Theme was my best business purchase for a simple reason, I could make a good business based on it at my ThesisAwesome.com site, where I sell premium skins for Thesis Theme.

Best Advice I Got?

The best advice I got is to focus on building my business, forget about anything that doesn’t matter.

Biggest Inspiration?

My biggest inspiration came from WordPress community, and the idea of open source, which made our lives a lot easier and boost creativity, plus a fantastic opportunity to do a successful business being part of the community. So, I am really thankful to everyone who contributes to WordPress.

Favourite Business Website?

There is a lot of amazing business sites out there, sometimes it’s hard to follow up with all of them, so I prefer to hock myself into a social bookmarking site and a community like BizSugar.com as one of the best businesses communities I ever came across. You can read my full opinion about BizSugar

Hours Spent Blogging?

From 4 – 18 hours daily, including weekends, and no days off.

Top 3 Traffic Sources?

Simply, Google search.

How I Got Into Blogging

I used to work as a web designer and developer in some company, I changed my career to work for the Media for about 3 years, that’s where I knew about blogging, and took it from there.

My mixed experience with Design and Media helped me to earn from the first day of blogging. However, I don’t see blogging as a business, but it’s an important window on opportunities, I could work with many clients from the day one of blogging, actually I quit my job two years ago. Now I make a full income from my online business.

That wasn’t an easy move, and I had to dedicate all my time towards my online business, it’s like you only do one thing in life, work. Seriously!

When I Realized I Had “Made It”

I realized that I made it when I was able to make a full living from my online business, which basically means pay all my payments without having to worry about it. That happened last year when I made $70,000, that was really good, and that’s when I realized that I made it. However, that was only the beginning of another step for my business, and life.

What I Have Accomplished So Far

It took me a lot of hard work to establish my multi-author website, FamousBloggers.net has been my most successful website where I write often, and help other bloggers to promote themselves and their businesses.

Practically, it’s only a two years old website, but I can say it’s the best window I ever had on the online business world.

After establishing FamousBloggers.net, I started to discover what my audiences need most, and I thought to give them what they actually need and welling to pay for. That’s how I started ThesisAwesome.com to be my design project.

I also started to contribute to the WordPress community recently; I was able to add a new free plugin to WordPress plugins directory. It’s called Author hReview, and it allow its users to easily add Google’s rich snippets to their review posts, which tell the search engine more about your review and give it a little shiny rating stars in search results.

I consider this free plugin an achievement because it’s a really light weight plugin that adds a lot of value to any review website, and feedback has been great so far.

What Made Me Successful So Quickly

I think I am successful because I listen more than I talk, and I do more than you think!

I simply dedicate my time for business, I believe that working hard for 5-6 years, and then I may be able to relax after reaching some level of success and business stability, or maybe employ a few good people and run bigger business or establish my own company.

At the meantime, I am doing pretty well with my design business, and I am working on some great projects to be launched this year 2012 in conjuction with some talented developers and internet marketers.

I Wish I Had Known This Earlier

One really awesome WordPress plugin that I wished I knew easier is Gravity Forms, it’s one the best plugins I ever came across, and it’s highly recommend for many reasons. In my case, I signup bloggers to guest post for FamousBloggers.net, which has a custom WordPress profile fields.

The Gravity forms plugin helped me to automate the process perfectly by using the user registration add-on.

If I Were A Newbie…

If I were a newbie, I would do the same exact thing I did with my blogs and business, simply because I can’t imagine any other successful way, really!

A Typical Day In My Life

Ok, this may look crazy, but it’s my life!

I wake up at 2pm – 4pm, I work till 6am sometimes 10am, I got really tired and go get some sleep.


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