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Founder Of WindowsTalk Talks About the One Thing That Transformed His Blog – James Fisher Interview


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Microsoft MVP Awardee

Best Business Purchase

A professional theme; whether it is for a static site, or for a WordPress site. Best money I ever spent, aside from web hosting.

Best Advice I Got

Just reading over blogging tips type of sites, web forums and such. You can pick up a lot of free information that you can gradually implement on your own site.

Biggest Inspiration

There are a couple I have met over the past few years, Paul Salmon of Technically Easy technicallyeasy.net and Lisa Irby of 2createawebsite.com

Favourite Business Website


Hours Spent Blogging

Daily: about an hour on average; perhaps two on my days off. Most of this is publishing, commenting and removing spam comments.

Top 3 Traffic Sources?

Over the past 3 months, according to Google Analytics:

1) TechTalk at Pc Pitstop,

2) geeks4share.com,

3) Google

How I Got Into Blogging

Before blogging, WindowsTalk was a static Front Page site, but I wanted to continually add content to keep it fresh, and the best way to do this (and the easiest) is blogging. First, I started with Blogger and this is a great way for folks to test the waters of blogging. However, the general feeling towards Blogger by professional/experienced bloggers is to get your domain name and web hosting set up so the site is YOURS and not subject to any rules aside from those of your web hosting company.

When I Realised I Had “Made It”

Well, I have never made ‘big money’ from WindowsTalk, and it is not my reason for blogging in the first place, but I realized that WindowsTalk was reaching people when I started getting offers to advertise on my site as well as getting guest posting offers by the score. A few have become regular contributors to WindowsTalk. Then, software companies started to contact me directly to host giveaways, do reviews, and contribute to their site, such as TechTalk at PC Pitstop.

AdSense revenue is consistent, as are affiliate sales, so this is a measure of success too, I suppose.

What I Have Accomplished So Far

I am at the point where I am more or less ‘maintaining’ my site; guest posts and regular contributors are providing the content, which takes a big load off of me. I write when I can, but I do not as pressured to do so as I did in the early days of my site.

What Made Me Successful So Quickly

“Quickly” is a relative term, and I don’t think things happened quickly for me, but I wasn’t out there to pursue the dollars either. My motives are altruistic, but  if I can make a few dollars by recommending products that I use and like, that is all the better, really.

I Wish I Had Known This Earlier

Get a professional theme! Unless you know HTML, CSS and whatever else, get a theme that is highly customizable and a good fit for your niche.

If I Were A Newbie

1) Focus: what is your area of expertise or interest?

2) Blogger or paid web hosting? Get paid web hosting and your own domain name if you are serious about your pursuit.

3) Read other blogs, get blogging tips and use what you can on your own site.

4) Be patient! “Rome was not built in a day” really applies to starting up a website.

5) Connect socially: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A Typical Day In My Life

I work fulltime as a medical radiation technologist, so my site has to fit around that schedule. On my days off and evenings are when I devote time to blogging. I will comment, edit new articles and schedule articles to be published when I am working, so that my readers are not inundated by excessive content on just one or two days of the week. Also, my site’s visits tend to dip over the weekend, so I save new content for Mondays and other days early in the week.

You can visit James Fisher’s website at WindowsTalk.org for more Windows related news.

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