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Oscar Del Ben Interview  – Founder of Freestylemind.com

Oscar Del Ben has used his self-taught programming knowledge to help lots of people over at FreestyleMind.com. I beleive his story will inspire someone. Here is Oscar Del Ben:

My Best Investment?

Learning to program

How Many Hours Do I Spend Blogging Weekly?


My Top 3 Traffic Sources

Stumble Upon, Google, Facebook. SU can send me even >100k visitors/month

How Long Did It Take Me To Make $1000?

If you mean on freestyle mind, I’d say around 18 month, but I’m not focused on monetizing it.

My Most Memorable Blogging Moment

When one of my article got big. This month I still got 140k visits to it.

The Best Advice I Got

Take action, lots of it.

Favourite Quote

I’ll make one for you: Success is achieved by doing, not by reading about it.

In The Beginning

Before starting to make money online I was a programmer, before that I was a high school dropout working in a factory. I learned to program because I loved computers, and I still do it full time. I managed to make several thousands of dollars online with internet marketing, but that’s not my main job. Those are just a side effect of the value created.

Everything was Business As Usual Until This Happened

My turning point was when I began freestylemind.com. I didn’t know any other blogger, I didn’t even speak English well (I’m Italian), but I knew something had to change. Someone that I cared about just passed away and I realized that life is one, and better take the most out of it.

I Didn’t Stay On The Spot… I Kept Right On Going

That’s not to say it was easy. In the first months I had barely a few visitors, but I kept working on it. I read a few website posts about getting traffic and what it takes, so I did that and very slowly I gained subscribers. You have to realize that you just need 1 of them to be influential, and then one day you make a very good post and you get popular. Rinse and repeat.

What Have I Accomplished So Far?

So far freestyle mind reached ~3000 rss subscribers, but I know people don’t subscribe anymore, so… in the last 30 days I got 185k visitors, which is a bit more than usual, but it’s all in old articles. I have to say that I slowed down in the last few months due to external things that required my focus, but now I got again in the habit of publishing at least one article a day (I have two other mini blogs).

But I Am Not Done Yet, I Have Some Other Things I am Working On

Right now I’m also working on iPhone/iPad development. That’s where I want to make some money. I work full time as a web developer and iphone development, but I have many ideas for things to create. My first application is called [http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/green-board-pro/id415277399?mt=8] Green Board Pro and is a lists management application that doesn’t suck (for me). I have several other ideas for applications that I’m currently working on.

If I Am To Start All Over Again, I will Do These Three Things FIRST

I’ve realized a few things. First, the only thing that we must beat is fear of success. For some obscure reason most of us are afraid of taking action. We fear the unknown but sadly it’s the only way to get change.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Einstein

I would also pay a big price to get back and use this productivity method sooner. It’s working great for me so far.

And, of course, I would encourage change even more. These are all things that I can continue to do right now, by the way.

Where Can You Find Out More About Me?

I website regularly at freestylemind.com, my Twitter account is http://twitter.com/oscardelben and I have a Facebook page over at http://www.facebook.com/FreestyleMind. If you’re a programmer, you could also check out http://oscardelben.com/

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