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Peter Shallard – A Business Psychology Expert That Helps Entrepreneurs

Our online entrepreneur to be profiled today is Peter Shallard of He calls himself the “shrink for entrepreneurs.” A renowned business psychology expert and tactical strategist from New Zealand, he works with all types of entrepreneurs around the globe as these people strive to reach greater goals of wealth, freedom and success. He doesn’t like being referred to as a psychologist but rather as a business consultant and therapist.

In his private practice (in business psychology), Peter gets a lot of people referred to him from medical doctors. I am very <a href=””>parajumpers Long Bear</a> <a href=””>parajumpers Masterpiece Long Parka</a> he agreed to share his experience with us here at IncomeScene, I am sure you will see for yourself. Here is Peter Shallard… Enjoy

My Best Investment?

Believing in my best friend’s vision and saying “yes” when he asked for buy-in for his start up.

How Many Hours Do I Spend Blogging Weekly?

1-2 hours writing blog posts

My Top 3 Traffic Sources

Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon

How Long Did It Take Me To Make $1000?

1 month from launch (with my online biz)

My Most Memorable Blogging Moment

When I got to write an account of how I “cross-dressed” to sneak into a Seth Godin Q&A

The Best Advice I Got

“Online” is just the same as “offline” – it’s all people and connecting.

Favourite Quote

“You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans” – Tom Robbins

In The Beginning

I started out my first ever business as a psychotherapist. I built a therapy practice that was one of those nasty business models where the more successful I got, the more hours I worked. It was exhausting!

I then moved into corporate consulting, using psychology to help businesses and their staff be more effective. This was a better business model as just a handful of clients would keep me well paid for the year – maintaining those essential relationships was also exhausting!

Everything was Business As Usual Until This Happened

Everything changed when I figured out how to sell my consulting services online, via email. Suddenly I was free to be location independent – to travel around the world, writing for my website… writing to clients and networking with incredible entrepreneurs.

I still do some corporate consulting because I love this work, but I’m no longer forced by necessity to spend every waking moment chasing new opportunities. Instead, I website and the clients come to me!

What Have I Accomplished So Far?

I’ve been able to completely replace my old corporate consulting business (and its income!) with email consulting clients. It’s an unusual format for me but it comes with some serious advantages – I’ve discovered the power and magic of being a shrink for entrepreneurs who is just an email away from my most important clients.

I’ve been able to connect and work with some phenomenal people who I’d not normally ever have met. Now, vast distances are not a problem!

But I Am Not Done Yet, I Have Some Other Things I am Working On

I’ve become obsessed with what happens when entrepreneurs accomplish wealth and freedom… then get bored of partying (we all need a bit of that!) and come back to work. I think we’re seeing, globally, some huge innovations, social and environmental changes brought about by street-smart entrepreneurs who are turning their considerable talents towards the challenges we face.

We need more entrepreneurs like this and I’m committed to finding the best way to foster their development and growth.

If I Am To Start All Over Again, I will Do These Three Things FIRST

  1. Focus less on tactics and more on simply “being awesome” – there is no substitute for simply shipping top quality art/content. If your writing sucks, no amount of clever social media will help it go viral.
  2. Hire a fantastic designer earlier – seriously, you cannot believe what an impact this has for a website’s stickiness.
  3. Forget about following the model/process the rockstar a-listers have taken and try to do something new, unique and valuable that has never been done before.

Where Can You Find Out More About Me?

Website: and Twitter:

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