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How to Remove Date and Time from Your Website Posts

There would have been times you looked up something on Google an in between the usual front page results there were a couple of posts that were written 2 years earlier. You most probably ignored it and went instead for “fresher” posts even if they come from less reliable sources.

If you own a website this can really affect you or if I should put it in a better way, this can affect posts you’ve written in the past. To get over this you can quickly go through the following steps.

Step 1 – Change Your Date Format To A Custom One

You should change your date from something like 22/02/2022 0r 22nd February 2022 and choose the custom option. You should also delete the “i; J; k” text to leave the space blank.

Change Time & Date 1

Change Time & Date 2

Step 2 – Change Your Time Format Also

When I changed the date format alone my posts still had time attached to them like 06:05 am, something like that. So you should also choose the custom time format and leave it blank. Your posts would have no date and time attached to them afterwards.

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What Do You Stand To Gain From Doing This?

Since people are on the lookout for fresh content you would have an advantage because they wouldn’t be able to tell when the posts were actually published. I have come across some posts, articles and resources in the past that had really good information but because the posts were old (and because I knew they were old), I couldn’t gain too much from it as I would have gained from a relatively new one. It was because while I read I had this consciousness that I was reading an “out of date” post.


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