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Best Business Purchase?

I work from home, which has been challenging, since I have five kids!  And in the last year, my business has absolutely exploded.  So I’ve just recently signed a lease on an office – I expect that will be my most important business investment.

Best Advice I Got?

Think big.  I’m constantly challenging myself to scale and grow and extend my impact.  My instinct is to settle into a comfort zone, but then I get restless, so I’m really pushing for something more these days.

Biggest Inspiration?

Marcus Sheridan is great.  I love him.

Favourite Business Website?

I read Copyblogger, The Sales Lion and on a regular basis.  I also love Farnoosh Brock at Prolific Living.

Hours Spent Blogging?

I would say 4-5 hours per week.  Most of my business is actually offline.

Top 3 Traffic Sources?

Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.

How I Got Into Blogging

I used to work in non-profit management – mostly marketing and fundraising.  But I always wrote on the side.  I started getting more traction as a writer, so I left my very comfortable job and launched Ruth Zive Copywriting.  I heard of ‘blogging’ but wasn’t entirely sure what it was or how it worked.  And as I continued to access resources as an entrepreneur and writer, I found that blogging was a great tool and probably something I should be doing to leverage my business impact.

When I Realised I Had “Made It”

Ha – I’m not sure I’ll ever feel that I’ve ‘made’ it.  But my goal was to crack six figures of income in my first year on my own.  I didn’t make it.  But I’m really, really close.  Next year – I’m hoping to at least double my result.  Maybe then I’ll feel that I’ve made it!

What I Have Accomplished So Far

It’s been fun having my writing featured on well-known sites like Huffpost, and recently I guest posted at ProBlogger.  But what I’m most proud of is the impact that I’ve had for my clients – helping them to realize tangible results online, through social media and content marketing strategy.  That’s the most gratifying.

What Made Me Successful So Quickly

The best strategy was to build relationships with other prolific and successful bloggers.  Not only has that helped my credibility, but I’ve learned so much and I now have a great network of ‘experts’ to turn to.

I Wish I Had Known This Earlier

Start with a blog/website.  That was biggest disaster mistake at the beginning.  Oh…and back It up.

If I Were A Newbie…

I would start with

I would build on Thesis or Genesis or a professional theme.

I would join Triberr (love Triberr!)

A Typical Day In My Life

I start every single morning with a traditional Ashtanga yoga practice that lasts about 2 hours.  Craziness, right? It grounds me.

Then I typically spend at least a half hour in the morning ‘prospecting’ – reaching out to prospective clients, networking and trying to grow my business.

Then I spend a good chunk of time writing.  Press releases, website posts, case studies, white papers, web content – you name it!

Then I might eat something.

Then in the afternoons, I usually have client meetings.  Maybe some more writing after that.

If I’m lucky, my day ends at 6:00, but often, after dinner with my family, I have meetings or find myself wrapping up writing projects in the evening.

Long days…for sure!

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