This is an interview with Saksham Talwar, one of India’s Top bloggers. He is an established blogger, article writer and SEO expert. He currently owns BloggingJunction parajumpers Kodiak Long Parka and TechFume. You will gain a lot of insight from this interview, trust me. Here is Saksham Talwar…


Best Business Purchase?

I have purchased several software, plugins, themes, e-books, domains online, but so far my best purchase is my domain It helped me establish myself and also I consider it very lucky for me. Now that’s my overall best purchase.

My best business purchase is Micro Niche Finder. It helps me discover hidden micro niches which in turn help me pocket several hundred dollars every month. If you don’t use parajumpers Kvinder Mystic Micro Niche Finder, grab it now!

Best Advice I Got?

Hmm… The best advice… it was from my parents when they said me that I should invest my money I earned from my website instead of spending it. From that day I began investing my money in stocks, some software and website designs which helped me improve my conversions, deposited some money in banks and some more things. So the best advice was “Invest money” and also save some for the rainy day!

Biggest Inspiration?

There are many bloggers who inspire me and help me in bettering my blogging skills. I really admire Darren Rowse, John Chow and several other bloggers. Several others not belonging to the blogging world also inspire me, for example Harry Jordan who is just 8 years old and already owns an online marble store! These are just a few people who inspire me and help me improve my skills and focus on my work!

Favourite Business Website?

When it comes to business, my favorite sites are Small Biz TrendsBIZ Sugar and some more. Biz Sugar is my favorite as it lists some of the best business articles.

Hours Spent Blogging?

Time I spent blogging depends on my day to day schedule. During my exams, I blog for an hour and less some times. Whereas, on normal days I cannot leave my computer for 4-5 hours or more. Of course I waste a lot of time chit-chatting and that’s included in the time I spend online daily.

Top 3 Traffic Sources?

My top 3 traffic sources are Google, Facebook & Twitter and referring sites (arranged from high to low). Google gives me the most visitors and like everyone else I simply love Google traffic, not only because Google traffic converts, but Google traffic is more responsive when compared to traffic from social sites. Further getting traffic from Google is easier if compared to getting traffic from social networking sites. You just have to write good content, get back links and then all you have to do is to enjoy traffic!

How I Got Into Blogging

I was in 9th standard when I first came to know about blogs. At that time all I did was playing Cricket and study. Sometimes I used to play computer games. My favorites were GTA and NFS.

I was casually searching in Google for something and the result let me to a BlogSpot website. I had never seen a website like (; I mean I had never seen a sub-domain and thus the BlogSpot website attracted me immediately. I researched more into it and then decided to create a BlogSpot website. After less than 2 months, I registered my first domain and got myself a hosting account. I earned my first dollar more than a year after I started to website. It took a lot more time than I expected, but I finally did it!

When I Realized I Had “Made It”

Hmm, when I earned $1000 in a single month, I realized that I had achieved something and this is what inspires me to keep going and do better!

What I Have Accomplished So Far

Some bloggers interviewed me, you are interviewing me here today and this is what I have accomplished so far! If not all, at least some people know me, read and follow what I write and consider me good enough to interview me, this is what I have achieved. Crossing 100k page views per month was another great thing that happened to my website!

What Made Me Successful So Quickly

Sorry, but it took a lot of time for me to achieve success (partial success). Apart from working hard, what helped me was proper planning, some good investments and some undecided steps! Just a few days before the first Panda update (when I had no clue that such update is planned in the coming days) I deleted some low quality posts (I don’t know why I suddenly did this) and as a result after the Panda update I saw a traffic rise. I did similar unplanned things and saw improvements.

Some of my best investments are Thesis (WordPress theme/framework), Micro Niche Finder (Keyword research tool) and Google Adwords. Do try these things out!

I Wish I Had Known This Earlier

I had no clue about SEO, getting traffic when I started my first website. I didn’t know that building links can help me rank better and give me more traffic. I didn’t even know the basic tools used in blogging. I wish I knew all this when I started my first website and I would have been better by 365 days!

If I Were A Newbie…

  1. I would select a niche and research deep into it to find profitable sub-niches.
  2. I would then create an action plan.
  3. Register a domain and setup my website.
  4. Write 5-10 articles and then concentrate on improving their ranks.
  5. Once I start getting traffic, I would concentrate on monetization part.

A Typical Day In My Life

My typical day begins at 9AM. After having some snacks, watching TV for a few minutes, checking my emails and replying to the important ones, I study. This continues for 2-4 hours or until I get bored. Then as everyone else, I have lunch. I spend some more time watching TV and check emails. After this I complete home work if I have any and then I get ready for tuitions.

After returning at about 8, it’s my time! I blog, blog and blog until I think this is it! Then after having dinner and studying for some more hours, I sleep! Isn’t my day very simple?