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Why Should People Buy From You Anyway?

Is Your Website Any Different From Those Out There? Have you ever wondered why your website has not really picked off like you would have loved? Probably you’ve blogged for months and you are yet to make any sale; the thin line between making sales and the lack of it is this – understanding how your readers or potential customers think. There are different reasons why people would probably buy products from you and I would list ten of them below. But before then don’t forget that there’s a difference between offering your customers features and benefits.  Using the example of a hypothetical software let me show you the difference between features and benefits.


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  • Easy  installation
  • Customer Service available
  • Money back Guarantee
  • Lifetime access for multiple blogs, with a single license
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  • 24 hour customer service available, we respond to every question
  • 30 day FREE trial, you can get your money back if unsatisfied.

What Benefits Should You Expect?

Simply telling your readers what they stand to gain, in explicit terms, can help you increase sales. Tell them that your products will help them double their sales or conversions, let them know that they will gain more visitors, tell them things that have a direct positive effect on their businesses. Below are 10 reasons why your readers might buy from you.

1.     The Product Meets a Need

It is easier to sell to someone when he really needs the product. Put yourself in a position where you are the first person he thinks of when such a problem arises. When I wanted to buy my first WordPress theme I had just two choices, Woothemes and Woothemes. They had done enough to position themselves as different from the others. If I would go for a theme now, I’d rather choose from Themeforest (they have lots of themes on offer which you might be unable to get elsewhere) or I might choose a theme that runs on the Genesis Framework.

2.     It Is Highly Desirable

Have you ever wondered why ice cream sells well on the beach during summer? It’s simply because everyone’s sunbathing. There are some products that don’t sell every time but as it stands, people need it badly. Do you have a product like that? Maybe it’s for Christmas or Father’s Day, what would work well here is that you do some heavy promotions building up to the D-day.

3.     It is Affordable

Maybe the product is cheap enough for him to buy or you have made payment easier by offering instalment. This can bring more people to buy your products. Not everyone can afford a $1997 coaching.

4.     The Product is Safe

The product on offer reduces risk or the buyer has fewer things to worry about after making the purchase. Make sure your buyer finds out how reliable the product is – in clear terms.

5.     The Product is known to Perform

If the product has testimonials, reputation and evidence of performance you will be able to assure your audience and get people to make purchases. The important thing here is for the product to do what is written on the pack.

6.     It Looks Really Cool

You can’t have a poorly designed product and expect people to start queuing up to buy. With the kind of products on offer nowadays, yours has to be aesthetically tasteful to stand a chance. Does it make his website look better? Does it improve people’s perception about his website? If it does, you stand a chance of making a sale.

7.     It is Convenient to Use

If the product has clearly visible instructions to follow – and not that he (the buyer) has to do a lot of research before he gets the slightest hint about what the product does, then he might be inclined to get the product.

8.     Is it Easy and Cheap to Maintain?

I won’t want to buy a $37 product when I’ll have to spend $195 every month renewing its license or when I’ll have to spend another $97 purchasing another an add-on. One time payments usually works well with people; tell them they would pay once and get the product for a lifetime. I’m not sure about passing it on to their children though?

9.     The Product is Durable

Sometimes you have to tell your customers that some things don’t come cheap. A watch that goes for $20 is different from a Rolex watch, almost the difference of a lifetime. People still prefer quality to quantity.

10. They Would Feel Left Out If They Don’t Buy

Tell them they would be missing out on a really good opportunity to catch up with their peers. This can apply to a product that people buy just to have fun. These kinds of products are bought more out of trying to be fashionable than actually needing one. This one deals more with their psyche.

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